Danny is currently planting a church in South Bay, San Diego. He spends his time shepherding, leading, discipling, and learning how best to continue building the launch team for Restored South Bay.

1. What do you do for fun?
I love working out, watching movies and hanging out with my family by finding new restaurants or activities.

2. What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about bringing the healing and hope found in the Gospel to those dealing with brokenness and hurt. I love learning about who Jesus is and who we are in light of that.

3. What is something that most people don't know about you?
I was once president of a fraternity at SDSU while also dancing on a hip hop dance team in San Diego.

4. Everyone should read...
Gospel - JD Greear
Prodigal God - Tim Keller

5. What excites you about Restored Church? 
Seeing people being freed from the oppression of both sin and religion because of the recurring experience of God's love and grace.

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